Parkview – things are really moving fast

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Wow it’s been several months since my last blog post….lots and lots has happened since then. Hopefully as spring arrives and summer is in view I can be a little more proactive in this department.

What is going on at Bramel Developments? The short answer is an awful lot.

First and foremost towards the end of 2012 we secured our construction financing on our Parkview project. This funding has allowed us to get the project underway and to really push hard in getting it done fast but without losing quality.

So in December, just before Christmas we started with finishing the excavation. It is hard to believe how much rock we had to take away from the lot, I believe we had taken away 45 plus truck loads of rock. As the excavation continued we found that the homes would be sitting on the best possible ground, in fact we scraped the rock down to solid bedrock that has a bearing capacity of over 500 Kpa. This was great news as we new it would allow for some extremely well built homes.

Once excavation was done in early January we got started with the forming. Bramel Developments sister company Bramel Design and Construction is performing all construction activities on the project from footings to foundations to framing to finish. (see them at www. When it came time to pour Mother Nature really co-operated with us giving us temperatures that were in the day well over zero and at night around zero…I guess she likes the green nature of these homes. The foundations on the 4 units we are starting with required 4 cement rucks of concrete for 36 cubic meters of cement.

Next up after the footings was the foundations for units 1 and 6 (the building to the north of the lot). We are using a new ICF system from Polycrete (located in Trois Riviere, QC). We have been extremely happy with this product both for its ease of construction as well as for the quality and strength of the ICF blocks. The Polycrete system is so well built that we were able to pour walls that exceeded 12 feet in the same day. The foundations required 5 truck loads of cement for 45 cubic meters as well as probably over a kilometer of rebar.

Once the foundations were complete it was time for a variety of framing activities like putting in the first floor of both units mixed with the installation of lots and lots of steel I-beams. We have a very unique design which features all the living well above the ground. The first floor (or technically basement) has a small footprint then you head upstairs to all the living spaces and a much great square footage. To place the beams we had to bring in a crane for a day and half of lifting (the crane will be back soon to help with the 3rd floor structural). All the welding was done by Fluxworx (web site to follow shortly) who are a certified architectural and structural weld shop.

We are now framing like mad get the second floor on and be ready for the final structural beam installation (hopefully on Thursday, March 28th assuming all goes well framing). We anticipate having the roof on within the next 3 weeks for both units 1 and 6.

We are very happy with the progress and the timeline we are on for completion. The winter was a tough one we lost a fair amount of days due to some very cold days, some big snow days and some warm days that it rained.

For those who are following us and are considering purchasing a unit. Unit 1 (currently unsold) will be ready for September/October 2013. Now is a great time to get in and work with us on picking your finishes as well as designing the interior layouts. For more info call Brad @ 613.218.5052.


Here are some of the photos we have taken over the construction process.

The partners at the start of excavation


Bramel Design and Construction crew working on the footings

Pouring the footings. It took 4 truck loads and 36 cubic meters. Thank goodness for the pump truck.

The polycrete ICF system was fantastic to work with and was so strong we poured the entire 2 foundations with 12′ high walls in one day. It took over 45 cubic meters of concrete.

The crane lowering one of the many I-beams into place. It was quite amazing how intricate the structural was and how well they fit together. These units are a hybrid of commercial condo construction and standard residential stick framing.

Max from Fluxworx welding some beams together on unit 1. If you want to see the uniqueness of the construction for yourself please feel free to stop in.

Now the traditional stick framing is underway. We feel that within 3 weeks we will have the roofs on for units 1 and 6.

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