The History of Stirling Ave

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As most everyone know Hintonburg has a very colourful past (probably one of the main reason most of us love it for). Many of the streets have some incredible history as well. Click here for a great and in-depth article on the history of Stirling Ave by Dave Allston on his blog ‘The Kitchissippi Museum“. Dave […]

41A Stirling – Model Home

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We are happy to announce that our model home is now ready for viewings and is listed on the MLS. I am very proud of the finished product, we certainly have made sure every detail is near perfect, we never rush on quality. Here are some photos of the Model Home. Email or call me […]

Parkview – Unit 1 curtain-wall

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Last week was a busy one as we began backfill, finished off some siding and had our curtain-wall installed. What is a curtain-wall? A Curtain-wall is a basically a commercial grade, very large window that instead of having a wall with individual windows it replaces it with a frame and glass. In the case of […]

Parkview – green and super efficient homes

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Recently Bramel Developments engaged Arborus Consulting, a leading energy efficiency and green building consultancy company in Ottawa to perform some energy modeling for our Parkview project. The results even surprised us as to how efficient the homes actually are. According to Arborus’ Robin Hutchison; “The modelled energy performance for the Parkview Residential development predicts an […]

New sketch of Parkview – more posts coming soon, I promise.

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We have been pretty slow to post on the project. However that is about to change as we have a flurry of information to come including some details on just how energy efficient these homes are. But for now here is another amazing sketch from John. Please enjoy. BTW he has some great sketches of […]

New floor and sketch

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Last week we put up the penthouse for unit 6. Our partner and sketcher John Wright did a great sketch of the work. As always I encourage to check it out. Stay tuned for some photos of the views…pretty spectacular. Brad

Parkview progress by sketch

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Our business partner and friend John Wright is quite the artist. He has created a sketch journal of his urban adventures. He is also documenting our construction progress through his sketches. We are hoping to create a sketch book of the project that we will make available to our home buyers as well as for […]

Introducing Bramel Design and Construction

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We are pleased to announce Bramel Design and Construction ( Over the past couple of years we have gotten more and more requests from clients wanting; renovations, additions and custom homes. In order for us to meet our clients needs we have created a sister company whose focus is delivering quality products to its’ clients. […]

Parkview – things are really moving fast

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Wow it’s been several months since my last blog post….lots and lots has happened since then. Hopefully as spring arrives and summer is in view I can be a little more proactive in this department. What is going on at Bramel Developments? The short answer is an awful lot. First and foremost towards the end […]

Crestview – photo gallery

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260 Crestview (in Alta Vista) posed a unique problem, how do we recycle a 1000 square foot war era home into a modern open 3400 square foot space without overloading a gorgeous corner lot with house. We kept the foundation and first floor while demolishing the 2nd floor and single car garage. From there we […]

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